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Eggleston Chiropractic & Rehab Celebrate Magazine Very Best Award Winner 2015What Fayetteville Clients Say About Eggleston Chiropractic & Rehab

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice.

Review a selection of Eggleston Chiropractic & Rehab patient testimonials below and please contact the office if you have any questions.







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I was very pleased with my first visit. My back pain was noticeably reduced. Dr. Eggleston is very easy to talk to and did not rush me or talk down to me in any way. I expect to have all back pain eliminated in the near future.

- Jeff W.

I loved learning about chiropractic work and experiencing an adjustment first hand. Not only has my interest in this career field grown, but I also now understand the importance of visiting the chiropractor on a regular basis. Thank you!

- Claire F.

I had never been to a chiropractor before, so I was kind of nervous. My experience at Eggleston was wonderful. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Dr. Eggleston and his staff made me feel completely at ease.

- Elizabeth D.

I have known Dr. Eggleston for many years through my husband, Who he helped and is still helping to this day. He is an excellent listener and explains things thoroughly and the atmosphere of the office is very soothing and I know I am in great hands. He really does put patients first and it’s incredible to have that feeling knowing you’re being taken care of.

- Andrea R.

I really appreciate the Eggleston Chiropractic Team making time for me today. I was in a lot of pain, a new patient and needed to be seen immediately. I called several offices and no one would see me today and the ones that said they could see me mentioned that I would not be able to be adjusted sameday and x-rays were needed, which was not what I was looking for. The doctor actually answered my phone call when I called the office to request an immediate appointment and I was sitting in a patient room 20 minutes later! Look forward to my visit tomorrow!

- Nicole H.

Dr. Eggleston and his staff were very professional and walked me through a plan for recovery. They took the time to make me feel comfortable and understand what I needed to do to get well. Thank you.

- Amilcar M.

Love it so far! Favorite chiropractor I’ve met in Fayetteville!

- Nicole C.

Dr. Eggelston came out to the waiting room to introduce himself while I was waiting, got me in earlier than my appointment time, and is very friendly and personable. He is easy to talk to, is a great listener, and took the time to explain things to me and answer any questions I had. I did not feel rushed as I have at other chiropractor offices, and he explains any charges ahead of time.

- Anita C.

Your staff is so incredibly friendly and I feel like each visit I’m taking small steps towards feeling better. Small, but measurable and that’s great!

- Jamie S.

My first visit was very comfortable. The doctor has excellent listening skills and I find him to be very good at what he does. Really appreciated the sense of humor, as well as this, was my first visit and I was nervous. I would highly recommend Dr. Eaggleton. He is there for his patients 100 %. Thank you.

- Judy K.

Going for a visit to Dr. Eggleston’s office is like going for a visit with a good friend. Dr. Eggleston is very skilled at identifying the problem and fixing it. He is a very good listener. If you are looking for a chiropractor, look no farther than Dr. Eggleston.

- Kay H.

All the staff at Dr. Eggleston practice is great and courteous. Dr. Eggleston is thorough with go attention to detail. I was in an accident and I am very pleased with the therapy I’m receiving. They are also great at working with me on my appointment times. I highly recommend Dr. Eggleston and his staff.

- Anonymous

Glad to have a caring chiropractor… as a ‘newbie’ in Fayetteville.

- Gerald V.

Love it so far! Favorite chiropractor I’ve met in Fayetteville!

- Nicole C.

Great first visit. Friendly and personable Doctor and Vanessa were very nice… Put me at ease.

- A. T.

The first day I arrived at this business I was beyond pleased. I felt very welcomed that day and every day I come here. They go above and beyond to make you feel very comfortable.

- Anonymous

Reviews for Dr. Eggleston’s “Behind the Wheel & Ahead of the Game: Knowing the Safe Side of Daily Driving” Program

“Thank you for coming to speak to us. At Nabholz Construction, the safety of our employees is of the utmost importance. Your presentation was entertaining and very informative, and you were able to help me add a new element to our safety program. Our people will be able to use the information you provided at work and away from work, while driving with the most important cargo, their families. Again thank you for helping me to keep our team and their families safe. I plan to have you back to speak very soon.”
– Joey Ryan, Safety Director, Nabholz Construction

“We thought Dr. Eggleston’s talk was wonderful. He corrected misconceptions that many of us had about driving safety. Folks had lots of questions and I had many comments from Rotary Club members praising him!”
– Dr. Jeannie Whayne, Professor, University of Arkansas, Downtown Rotary Fayetteville

“Much more enjoyable than I thought it would be due to an interesting instructor who added a personal touch.”
– AARP Driver Safety Program Participant

“His presentation was great. It included information any individual driving should know. I ask moms to rate each event after they attend. They can also post a comment with that rating. The moms who attended each gave Michael’s presentation 5 out of 5 stars. I am hoping to schedule it again sometime so more members can attend.”
– Kara Ault, Organizer, NWA Playgroup

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